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tablet woven bookmark

Last fall I visited my parents and had my medieval sewing stuff with me. I don’t know how we came to that topic, but we talked a bit about tablet woven bands and my parents wanted to know how to do that.

I had my weaving cards with me and my mother had some yarn (intended for knitting, probably sock yarn weight, so not the really thin stuff). I took 5 cards, cut off several pieces from the yarn balls, gave my father one end to hold (instead of a loom…) and then showed my family how to do tablet weaving.

tablet woven bookmark

The result is just long enough to be used as a bookmark and my mother wanted to keep it for exactly that purpose.


Tablet-woven belt

I started my first try at tablet weaving quite some time ago, must have been over a year, could well have been two. *blush*.

But this weekend I finally managed to finish the belt, and here’s the photo: tablet woven belt

It’s about 2 meters long (just the woven part) and winds about two times around my waist or three times around the waist of my daughter. I don’t know what I will do with it, maybe try to use it as a belt. I’m just happy it’s finally finished and not sitting in a corner staring at me anymore. If you click on the photo you can get a bigger version and spot the mistakes I did. 🙂
The upper part (in the picture) was the beginning, you can see that I tried out the different patterns I can get. In the lower part you can see the pattern (that I chose after some experiments) quite well and also the mistakes I did.

The yarn is mostly cotton yarn, except for the yellow, I don’t know which fibre was used for that.

The photo was taken on our black couch, the velvety (or rather suede-like) surface looks kind of dirty in the photo but that’s because of the flash.