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I made several needles for needlebinding by now, and I finally have a photo of them.


from left to right: two made out of oak, two made out of spruce and three made out of popsicle sticks. I gave them all away to friends so that they could try out needlebinding.

The first needle I had was also made from a popsicle stick and was a a gift from the person who showed me how to needlebind. I gave that needle away to another person whom I showed the craft, so the needle goes on inspiring others. 🙂

Currently I use a wooden needle bought at a medieval market, and I recently made myself another needle out of spruce but I didn’t test that one yet.


different crafts, as I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing.

Since my last blog post (seven months ago) I wasn’t really lazy.

I sewed two bags, according to these instructions (in german). Both are made out of light blue linen, and both are gifts to friends (who were very well received).
Here’s a photo of one of them:

The second bag was done this afternoon, about two hours handsewing for the bag and another hour or 1.5 hours (with a pause for dinner in between) for the strap and sewing the strap to the bag. The first one was done on several evenings and therefore took much longer. Pausing a project seems to result in the project taking more time that it needs.

I also embroidered a small gaming board on a thick woolen fabric, and made a small purse out of woolen fabric with tassels but can’t show you pictures of that. They were also gifts for friends.

I continued needlebinding my socks. I decided that the needlebinding project will be a pair of socks, and I’m making progress, but not enough progress so that you could see more than two wollen tubes.

I also tried making needlebinding needles out of ice sticks, but that proved a bit difficult, I can’t get the needle eye really smooth and I didn’t find a solution.

Thsi afternoon I got a gift: two packets of 25 weaving tablets (made out of playing cards). AElfwynn also lent me her tablet weaving frame, so I’m ready to start and don’t have an excuse not to start anymore.

A few weeks ago (could well be a month or a bit more) I cut out some fabric for a new dress, but that’s as far as I got on that dress. I managed to sew two bags out of the leftover fabric, but the dress will be sown next weekend.
Next weekend a friend (from my shire) will come to my home and we will do a sewing day, hopefully resulting in a new dress for me and for her (ok, half finished is ok for me as I’m completely handsewing).

Sidenote: I edited the blog post about the sewing basket, it now contains everything my box contains.

misc stuff

My sewing basket has grown a bit: I have new scissors (even in a nice little leather sheath), and beeswax in a small tin and found some linien thread.

At the last event I was at I found someone who told me needlebinding (a different method than I learned before) and this time it stuck. I picked the project up yesterday and was able to continue. 🙂 With enough time this project will either be a pair of socks or a pair of gloves, but only time can tell at the moment. It will be brightly blue and yellow coloured in any case.

And I finally have a (linen) bag to carry my feast gear around. It’s easier to handle than a basket and enough for one person.