Look at my sweet little dragon!

It finally got the teeth and claws on November 18.
dragon finally finished

Shortly after the last post I filled in the white outline, and thought I was done.
On November 10 I showed the dragon to a friend and about on the same day I looked at Tanya’s dragon and saw that I still lacked the claws and teeth. My friend suggested the dark green for claws and teeth, instead of the beige color that I was pondering.
After I stitched them I saw that she was right and the claws and teeth fit the dragon color scheme.

I had to “cheat” a bit on the white outlines.
All colors are stitched in quite thin wool thread, the read outlines are in split stitch.

The white thread is cotton embroidery thread which is at least double thickness compared to the wool thread, so I used a kind of double running stitch to achieve a similar look but without the lines getting too wide.

I don’t know when I’ll do the leopard, but I will do him and then assemble everything to a wonderful pouch.


2 thoughts on “Look at my sweet little dragon!

    1. Thank you. You’re right, he’s an autunm dragon, even though his colors are a bit brighter than on the photo. But it’s winter here and therefore I can’t get good light for photos.

      I read the leopard instructions, and before I start him I have to look if my embroidery hoop is big enough to fit his whole body.

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