I know I said lavender…

but you won’t see any lavender colored thread in my current progress.
Dragon with outline
I had just one meter of the handspun bright lavender thread which was only enough to stitch the outline along the head and down to the chest. I looked through my whole yarn and embroidery stash but couldn’t find more of it.

Then I tried the veg dyed lavender thread but that turned out to me much more grey-ish than I thought and a grey-ish outline around the body (between body and white background) just doesn’t look good.

So I tried the red veg dyed thread I still had in my box, and I like it. It’s not a big contrast between the orange body and the red outline, but the result looks harmonious and I like my dragon now very much.


2 thoughts on “I know I said lavender…

    1. Thank you for your compliment, Tanya.
      subtle is the right word (but I was missing that yesterday in the early morning). Somehow it looks even more subtle in natural light (on a grey day like today) than in artificial light. I’m looking forward to seeing the dragon in sunlight, in the last days I only had time for it when it was raining or dark outside.

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