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I can see the light!

…at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 My dragon finally has outlines in all the right places.

I like the red outline, even though it’s really subtle on the orange body.

Now what shall I do next? Take the white embroidery thread and finish him? Or take up a neglected spinning project? Or maybe I’ll dive in my fiber stash to sew my daughter a pullover, which she could well use in the current colder weather.


I know I said lavender…

but you won’t see any lavender colored thread in my current progress.
Dragon with outline
I had just one meter of the handspun bright lavender thread which was only enough to stitch the outline along the head and down to the chest. I looked through my whole yarn and embroidery stash but couldn’t find more of it.

Then I tried the veg dyed lavender thread but that turned out to me much more grey-ish than I thought and a grey-ish outline around the body (between body and white background) just doesn’t look good.

So I tried the red veg dyed thread I still had in my box, and I like it. It’s not a big contrast between the orange body and the red outline, but the result looks harmonious and I like my dragon now very much.

I’ve reached a decision!


I unpicked the nude wing base and instead used the darkest green for the wing base and the crest. All other colors (wool, veg dyed) I have available would muddle too much with either the orange body or the light green wing parts. I had a shade of green right between the two I was pondering, but I used every inch (or centimeter) of that for another embroidery. Now that the crest is done I’m quite happy with the dark green.

I’ll use the lavender colored slightly thicker wool yarn for the outline, and if that isn’t enough I’ll go digging through my handspun to find the small strand of lavender colored wool mix that I spun and already used for a bit of embroidery.

Now onto the outline and details, Tanya already published the second beastie of the stitchalong.