Dragon decisions… (or: I can’t decide)

I can’t decide how to finish the dragon embroidery. I have three alternatives, but none seem really good. Can you help me, please?
This is the current dragon progress:body
It’s the best I could do with natural light (and you can get to the big version by clicking it).

Do you see the nude-coloured part at the base of the wing? This should be the same colour as the crest on his back. This picture (from another stitchalong participant) shows that nude can go well together with rust/madder red and green, but my wing is light green and yellow and not such a dark green.

I think the nude-coloured thread blends in too much, it doesn’t really stand out against the green wing part.
But I think the same about the lighter green of the two strands/skeins of yarn that I laid on the fabric above the dragon wing. The lighter green skein is only a little bit darker than the green part of the wing.
The darker green skein doesn’t have that problem, it would stand out really well. (but it’s the darkest colour in there if I use it.)
I don’t have any shade of green between those two shown here.

The next question: what do I use for the outline color? Tanya used some shade of purple for her original.
I can either use the dark green (if I don’t use it for the wing base and crest), or the nude-coloured skein (if I don’t finish the crest with it). Apart from that I have a skin-tone skein (color is right between the nude and the orange of the body), a red (that’s a darker shade of the orange of the body) and a little bit of lavender coloured embroidery yarn. But the lavender colored yarn is a bit thicker and probably much less. I don’t mind so much about the thicker yarn but I don’t know if it’s enough.

I hate such decisions, I can find no solution that’s not a compromise of some sorts and I don’t know which is “better”. Can anybody please help me reach a decision?


2 thoughts on “Dragon decisions… (or: I can’t decide)

  1. The dark red for the crest? and use the nude for outlining?
    My advice is to try the colours out – I converted the PDF to a JPEG in Photoshop and then coloured it on screen – but, I cant see your dark red so I guessed at one which I liked. I think you want maximum contrast for the outlining and detailing. There my 2c worth šŸ™‚
    I have just arrived at the outlining step as well.

    1. Thanks for your hint. I’ll have to try that out if there’s enough contrast between the body and the red. You can see the red if you look for my first picture of the dragon, I photographed all wool embroidery yarn together with

      I was thinking of using the dark green for the crest (and the wing base) and the lavender for outlining. That would be maximum contrast.

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