A dress with no shoes

I’m still stitching along on the dragon and making some good progress, but in the meantime I’ll show you another dress I made and finally got around to take a photo early this summer.

blue dress

This dress is made out of light blue linen fabric after my “standard dress pattern” (which produces suitable dresses for anything until about 1300). The interesting and time-consuming detail here are the buttons. There are about 9 buttons on each sleeve, all handmade out of smaller pieces of the same fabric, accompanied by the same number of buttonholes. The buttonholes don’t look really well done but for my very first try they are acceptable. It’s completely handsewn (as usual for me) and the wrinkles are because I gained some weight since making it.

It’s a really simple dress but I like it very much. It’s light and comfortable, light enough for even the hottest summer day. And somehow this is the first dress that I made that I will voluntarily wear on my way to a historical event even when going there alone by public transport.

It kind of looks like I’m thinking “oops, I’m wearing no shoes” but the truth behind my bare feet is that it was too hot that day to wear anything else than sandals. All shoes that are more closed were too narrow for my feet that day.


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