The dragon has a head now

This morning I finished stitching the big wing, then I embroidered the other wing. I looked at some pics in the Flickr group for the Stitchalong and saw that there’s a tip of the other wing also showing. So I did that right after the first wing was finished.

head part 1

Then I couldn’t decide on the color for the base of the wing. Shall I use a green that’s just a bit darker than the green part of the wing or shall I use the dark green with more contrast?

The color on the wing base is the same as the crest on his back so I was wondering which shade of green would look better with the main body color.

In the evening I had a good idea what to do next: the body. After the body is embroidered I can compare both shades of green to the wing and the body and then decide.

The picture above was done around 11 pm, after I laid the long stitches over the whole body front (head, chest, raised front leg) and started couching down the head.


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