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Princess dress revisited

Remember the princess dress I made for my daughter about 1.5 years ago?
She still likes it, and it still fits her.
But, as kids do, she has grown a bit since she last wore it and she’s now about 10 cm taller than when I made it. Luckily she only grew taller, not wider and so the dress still fits somehow.

Yesterday I undid the hems on the cuffs and on the skirt and re-hemmed them. I had to elongate the sleeves a bit and made the skirt part much longer. I had planned with much seam allowance in the beginning, so I had no problems with this task.

new princess dress

Here’s the “new” version of the princess dress, it’s now about ankle length for a 1.1 m tall person.
In the picture you can still see the creases where the seam allowance was folded in, above the skirt hem. And the picture still shows pins in the new hem, I sew that this morning.