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tablet woven bookmark

Last fall I visited my parents and had my medieval sewing stuff with me. I don’t know how we came to that topic, but we talked a bit about tablet woven bands and my parents wanted to know how to do that.

I had my weaving cards with me and my mother had some yarn (intended for knitting, probably sock yarn weight, so not the really thin stuff). I took 5 cards, cut off several pieces from the yarn balls, gave my father one end to hold (instead of a loom…) and then showed my family how to do tablet weaving.

tablet woven bookmark

The result is just long enough to be used as a bookmark and my mother wanted to keep it for exactly that purpose.


Another photo of the viking outfit

This time with me in it:
I was wearing the dress (as seen on the last post) to my usual dance meeting. The weather was really nice and I was waiting with some other dancers outside, where we took the photos. Normally I wear my hair in a ponytail, but on the photo I just undid my hairtie and was “fluffing up” my hair with my hands.

Also seen on the photo: green socks in the same color as the dress (not planned, but a nice coincidence) and my shoes which are more appropriate for 13th century.

The dress has the right length for dancing, it’s nearly floor length, but in the front my shoes are peeking out. The only problem is that on the sides (where it’s longest) it trails a little bit on the floor, just enough to be able to step on it.

Viking dress somehow completed

Viking dress somehow completed

I think I told you that I wanted to sew a green dress to wear with the orange viking overdress. This dress finally got finished this year in May. Here’s a photo of the green dress together with the orange overdress, lying on the floor. The sleeve on top of the photo is cropped, because I wanted to cut away some other stuff that sneaked into the picture.
At the moment there are no pearls or other adornments on the dress. I took off the string with beads when I had to redo the exact length of the shoulder straps and I will only add it again if/when I have something better than what I showed you in a earlier post.