More viking progress

As I told you here before I wanted to sew a viking style overdress out of orange linen. The dress is still not completely finished, but wearable. On the photo I have a blue (cotton) dress underneath, that’s how I wore it the first time after it was finished. I also have a tablet woven belt (blue wool) that I forgot to add into the picture.


All to-do tasks from the last post is done, all seams are sewn and neated, the hem is done, the shoulder straps are completed. When I tried it on after all seams were sown, it fitted nearly perfect, I only had to change the seam in the middle of the back a bit to adjust to my hollow back.

Here’s the list of what’s left to do on this dress and the whole viking outfit. I probably won’t do that before christmas, and certainly will only blog about that next year.

To do for the orange dress:

  • replace the trim at the upper end of the dress, it’s probably synthetic stuff and I want (one day…) to have a tablet woven trim (woven by me ideally)
  • shorten the shoulder straps a bit more, they are still quite long and therefore the top edge of the dress is lower than it should be
  • maybe do something else with the straps, they were sliding off my shoulders quite often, but that could be because they are a bit too long at the moment.
  • replace the brooches, these brooches look nice but are probably a modern design borrowing from viking designs. If I still like the dress when I have more money, I will want to buy myself some replica brooches.
  • replace the belt buckle, at the moment it’s a key ring attached to one end of the belt.

To do for the whole outfit:

  • sew the dress out of olive green linen (see first “Viking progress” post)
  • probably embroider that dress (I like embroidery and I think it suits a viking outfit)
  • collect more beads for the necklace-thingy that hangs supported from the brooches. At the moment I have one glass bead, one metal bead and one bead where I’m not sure if it’s glass or ceramics. The rest of the beads are wooden beads from a “make your own necklace” kit for kids. And I need a different string to thread them onto.
  • probably something else, but I can’t remember it at the moment.

Here’s a close up picture showing the brooches, trim and beads better. My camera made a moire on the orange fabric, don’t know why it did that.


4 thoughts on “More viking progress

  1. You’re right about the orange beads. These will get replaced as soon as I have other beads. But for the first try they were better than nothing.
    At the moment I can’t find the patience and time to look up how viking age beads would look like, and I don’t want to go and buy beads unless I can at least discern between “totally unauthentic” and “could be useful”.

  2. Thank you for the link. I will look at their site when I have time.
    It seems like a craft store rather close to me also has suitable beads (the three non-wooden are from there), but I’m reluctant to buy there because I can’t discern a viking-style glass bead from a modern-style glass bead.

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