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More viking progress

As I told you here before I wanted to sew a viking style overdress out of orange linen. The dress is still not completely finished, but wearable. On the photo I have a blue (cotton) dress underneath, that’s how I wore it the first time after it was finished. I also have a tablet woven belt (blue wool) that I forgot to add into the picture.


All to-do tasks from the last post is done, all seams are sewn and neated, the hem is done, the shoulder straps are completed. When I tried it on after all seams were sown, it fitted nearly perfect, I only had to change the seam in the middle of the back a bit to adjust to my hollow back.

Here’s the list of what’s left to do on this dress and the whole viking outfit. I probably won’t do that before christmas, and certainly will only blog about that next year.

To do for the orange dress:

  • replace the trim at the upper end of the dress, it’s probably synthetic stuff and I want (one day…) to have a tablet woven trim (woven by me ideally)
  • shorten the shoulder straps a bit more, they are still quite long and therefore the top edge of the dress is lower than it should be
  • maybe do something else with the straps, they were sliding off my shoulders quite often, but that could be because they are a bit too long at the moment.
  • replace the brooches, these brooches look nice but are probably a modern design borrowing from viking designs. If I still like the dress when I have more money, I will want to buy myself some replica brooches.
  • replace the belt buckle, at the moment it’s a key ring attached to one end of the belt.

To do for the whole outfit:

  • sew the dress out of olive green linen (see first “Viking progress” post)
  • probably embroider that dress (I like embroidery and I think it suits a viking outfit)
  • collect more beads for the necklace-thingy that hangs supported from the brooches. At the moment I have one glass bead, one metal bead and one bead where I’m not sure if it’s glass or ceramics. The rest of the beads are wooden beads from a “make your own necklace” kit for kids. And I need a different string to thread them onto.
  • probably something else, but I can’t remember it at the moment.

Here’s a close up picture showing the brooches, trim and beads better. My camera made a moire on the orange fabric, don’t know why it did that.




I dived into spinning this summer and (again) forgot about blogging that.

I learned spinning (with a spindle) a few years ago from a friend, produced a bit of yarn, was happy and moved on to other hobbies. Then this summer (at the end of June) a friend told me about the “Tour de Fleece”, a contest (of some sort) on ravelry where you spin yarn every day the Tour de France races. That started at the same day a rather long period of holiday (or similar free time) started for me and I was hooked.

When starting spinning at the end of June I found out that I forgot nearly everything that I learned and had to start nearly from scratch. I think it wouldn’t have been (much) harder if I only had seen videos of other people spinning and not tried it myself.

During the Tour I learned about many spinning related things that I didn’t know before, some of them I wouldn’t have thought about if I hadn’t participated in the Tour. At the end of July I had some finished wool yarn that I want to share with you:


In the front left corner are the two strands of yarn that were my first tries. All yarn in skeins is spun, plied and washed. The bit on the toilet paper roll and the bit on the spindle (right part of the picture) is just spun.

The picture shows the status of my spinning progress after the three weeks of the Tour de Fleece. But I spun some more afterwards, just don’t have photos of that.