Monthly Archives: May 2013

Viking in progress

I don’t know if I told you before but I’m planning a viking outfit for myself since last summer/fall. This spring I got some wonderful linen fabric at the Stoffmarkt, I got about 3 meters of olive green and about 3 meters of a rusty dark orange.

picture of the linen fabrics for my viking dress Here’s a picture of the two fabrics.
The olive green will be (in the future) a new dress, the orange linen will be (very soon) the overdress or “apron dress”.

Last saturday I met with a friend for pattern creation for the overdress, and we both got out patterns done. Saturday evening I spent in front of the TV, ironing 3 meters of linen and trying to get all wrinkles out. I didn’t succeed and will probably iron the finished dress again, with much steam then.
Then I cut out the parts I need for the dress and packed everything up.

Last Sunday I met with my friends and one of them had wool yarn (pure lambswool) from Renaissance Dyeing dyed with madder. That yarn has exactly the same color as my orange fabric, and we were excited to see that. She gave me that yarn as a gift, because she had it lying around for some time and it is strong enough and thin enough to use it as a sewing thread.

Current progress: half of the seams between the panels of the dress are done. I still need the other half, then fitting the dress on my body, then hemming and serging all seams. I won’t look at all that’s to do, just at the next seam, then it seems easier doable 😉

I’m glad that I have a dress to wear beneath it already.