Monthly Archives: March 2013

Tablet-woven belt

I started my first try at tablet weaving quite some time ago, must have been over a year, could well have been two. *blush*.

But this weekend I finally managed to finish the belt, and here’s the photo: tablet woven belt

It’s about 2 meters long (just the woven part) and winds about two times around my waist or three times around the waist of my daughter. I don’t know what I will do with it, maybe try to use it as a belt. I’m just happy it’s finally finished and not sitting in a corner staring at me anymore. If you click on the photo you can get a bigger version and spot the mistakes I did. 🙂
The upper part (in the picture) was the beginning, you can see that I tried out the different patterns I can get. In the lower part you can see the pattern (that I chose after some experiments) quite well and also the mistakes I did.

The yarn is mostly cotton yarn, except for the yellow, I don’t know which fibre was used for that.

The photo was taken on our black couch, the velvety (or rather suede-like) surface looks kind of dirty in the photo but that’s because of the flash.



I made several needles for needlebinding by now, and I finally have a photo of them.


from left to right: two made out of oak, two made out of spruce and three made out of popsicle sticks. I gave them all away to friends so that they could try out needlebinding.

The first needle I had was also made from a popsicle stick and was a a gift from the person who showed me how to needlebind. I gave that needle away to another person whom I showed the craft, so the needle goes on inspiring others. 🙂

Currently I use a wooden needle bought at a medieval market, and I recently made myself another needle out of spruce but I didn’t test that one yet.

Princess Dress

Here is finally a photo of the dress I made for my daughter, or as she calls it: her “princess dress”. She loves playing a princess in that dress, but that doesn’t keep her from playing around with a sword and shield (both wooden and made by her grandpa). pink "princess" dress for my daughter

The dress is made out of pink linen, the color was her choice and I tried to get a shade of pink that could be accomplished with period colors.
All seams and hems are handsown but I went around each piece with the sewing machine and a zig-zag-stitch to keep it from fraying. The thread is in a matching color but unknown material, I used what pink thread I had at home so it’s probably some (cheap) polyester thread.

It’s about mid-calf length for a 1 meter tall girl. I think that’s a good length for a beginner, she only wore skirts ending around her knees and that’s the first skirt/dress longer than that. But it’s still short enough so that it doesn’t get into her way when climbing stairs or ladders (at least most of the time).

She wears modern clothes underneath it, as this is just a thin linen fabric I dress her nearly as warm as I would do without the dress (so at least a long sleeved shirt and a pair of leggins in the winter) and then the dress over it. We’ll see what she will wear in summer and how much I have to change on that dress to fit her. Dressing her in only garb is a plan for the future but I have to get her “hooked” into the middle ages first. 🙂