scribbling along

Here are some more scrolls (and similar), these are all that I found photos of. There are probably more photos on the external drive, but these will come with a later post. These are in about chronologial order. All items displayed here are done with ink and Gouache on Pergamenata (the best parchment imitate I know).

Two small scrolls (about postcard size) as a christmas present for my mother. The text was her idea, the rest mine.
postcard sized calligraphy


The “W” is a “White Vine” Illumination accompanied by the matching Humanist script (a renaissance script developed out of the carolingian miniscule). The “D” is from a 10th century manuscript, the text is written in carolingian miniscule and the uppercase “G” in the text is from the same manuscript as the initial.

A bookmark, originally an initial I from a manuscript (but I forgot the time when the manuscript was made).

An Award of Arms, done this April, but I forgot all other informations about it:

Antother try on White Vine illumination and Humanist script: the Award of Arms for my friend Apollonia:

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