Overview of 2012 (state of mid-october)

I know, the year is not yet over and I still have something in the pipeline that counts for the challenge, but here’s the updated list of the (finished) projects I count for the A&S 50 challenge:

learn spinning, (started, but I will count it as this probably never stopps) – 1
learn calligraphy and illumination, so that I can make a scroll – 2 (for the techniques) + at least 10 (finished scrolls)

make some viking garb for my husband – 1
make some garb for my daughter- 1
learn naalbinding (started, but I won’t wait with counting until I finish the socks) – 1
make a period bag – 5 (my freehand feast gear bag, a small bag with drawstring for my spindle and the other three are described in the above post)

make a piece of garb from a picture – 1 (and at least one more is in progress)
make a needlebinding needle – 1 (I made a few, but none turned out very good and I didn’t try them yet, so I’m counting only one)
assemble a peroid sewing basket (another ongoing project which I will count before it’s really finished) – 1
make a game (Glückshaus game board in a round leather pouch) – 1

That sums up to 24 finished projects or learned skilles by now.


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