big scribal post, with many pictures

I think it was in October 2009 that I got introduced into the wonderful world of calligraphy. Here are (most of) the scrolls that were made by me.

My very first scroll, made on the afternoon of the calligraphy workshop (where I learned it in the morning) on watercolor paper. I thought that was only a test and therefore wasn’t very nervous. I only realized that this was to be given to a real person after I finished writing it. 🙂
The text wasn’t by me, and I don’t recall the award this scroll is for. As you can see I made a mistake, but found and corrected it. The calligraphy was to be done by someone else but we made a mistake while lining the paper and therefore the A that should go in there didn’t fit in the space available. So I got the original and will keep it. I wrote the text again later, that time after the illumination was done, but don’t have a photo of it.

A bit later I did this AoA scroll, probably last summer.
The initial was my second try at illumination, but it was “just” tracing the original and then painting after the original, trying to copy it. The calligraphy was also done by me. The text was probably the standard AoA text (that always fits) translated into german.
The paper is probably pergamenata, a parchment imitate which is great to work with.
All scrolls done last summer or later are on pergamenata as my scriptorium likes the stuff. It’s easy to write on and looks very similar to real parchment.

The next AoA scroll, done in November 2010.
Calligraphy and Illumination done by me, the illumination took me about 1.5 hours, and the calligraphy about the same time (writing it twice, first a test on normal paper and then the same on the perg). You can see in comparison to the other scrolls that the letters are more even, but my s still suck (as they sometimes still do).

This is a Lindquistring Scroll, written in Early Gothic Script by me. My first try at early gothic and therefore it isn’t too good. The illumination wasn’t done by me, but by another person from the Isengau Scriptorium.

These are not all scrolls I did, but all scrolls of which I have pictures (and I know/am sure that they reached their owner).

I know that the picture quality is not the best, the second picture is too bright and the last too are not bright enough, and in the last picture the perg is not that yellow as it seems, but I can’t get better pictures.

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