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Overview of accomplished tasks

Here’s the list of the (finished) projects I count for the A&S 50 challenge:

learn spinning, (started, but I will count it as this probably never stopps) – 1
learn calligraphy and illumination, so that I can make a scroll – 2 (for the techniques) + at least 5 (finished scrolls)
make some viking garb for my husband1
learn naalbinding (started, but I won’t wait with counting until I finish the socks) – 1
make a period bag – 5 (my freehand feast gear bag, a small bag with drawstring for my spindle and the other three are described in the above post)
make a piece of garb from a picture – 1 (and at least one more is in progress)
make a needlebinding needle – 1 (I made a few, but none turned out very good and I didn’t try them yet, so I’m counting only one)
assemble a peroid sewing basket (another ongoing project which I will count before it’s really finished) – 1

That sums up to 17 finished projects or learned skilles by now.


different crafts, as I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing.

Since my last blog post (seven months ago) I wasn’t really lazy.

I sewed two bags, according to these instructions (in german). Both are made out of light blue linen, and both are gifts to friends (who were very well received).
Here’s a photo of one of them:

The second bag was done this afternoon, about two hours handsewing for the bag and another hour or 1.5 hours (with a pause for dinner in between) for the strap and sewing the strap to the bag. The first one was done on several evenings and therefore took much longer. Pausing a project seems to result in the project taking more time that it needs.

I also embroidered a small gaming board on a thick woolen fabric, and made a small purse out of woolen fabric with tassels but can’t show you pictures of that. They were also gifts for friends.

I continued needlebinding my socks. I decided that the needlebinding project will be a pair of socks, and I’m making progress, but not enough progress so that you could see more than two wollen tubes.

I also tried making needlebinding needles out of ice sticks, but that proved a bit difficult, I can’t get the needle eye really smooth and I didn’t find a solution.

Thsi afternoon I got a gift: two packets of 25 weaving tablets (made out of playing cards). AElfwynn also lent me her tablet weaving frame, so I’m ready to start and don’t have an excuse not to start anymore.

A few weeks ago (could well be a month or a bit more) I cut out some fabric for a new dress, but that’s as far as I got on that dress. I managed to sew two bags out of the leftover fabric, but the dress will be sown next weekend.
Next weekend a friend (from my shire) will come to my home and we will do a sewing day, hopefully resulting in a new dress for me and for her (ok, half finished is ok for me as I’m completely handsewing).

Sidenote: I edited the blog post about the sewing basket, it now contains everything my box contains.

big scribal post, with many pictures

I think it was in October 2009 that I got introduced into the wonderful world of calligraphy. Here are (most of) the scrolls that were made by me.

My very first scroll, made on the afternoon of the calligraphy workshop (where I learned it in the morning) on watercolor paper. I thought that was only a test and therefore wasn’t very nervous. I only realized that this was to be given to a real person after I finished writing it. 🙂
The text wasn’t by me, and I don’t recall the award this scroll is for. As you can see I made a mistake, but found and corrected it. The calligraphy was to be done by someone else but we made a mistake while lining the paper and therefore the A that should go in there didn’t fit in the space available. So I got the original and will keep it. I wrote the text again later, that time after the illumination was done, but don’t have a photo of it.

A bit later I did this AoA scroll, probably last summer.
The initial was my second try at illumination, but it was “just” tracing the original and then painting after the original, trying to copy it. The calligraphy was also done by me. The text was probably the standard AoA text (that always fits) translated into german.
The paper is probably pergamenata, a parchment imitate which is great to work with.
All scrolls done last summer or later are on pergamenata as my scriptorium likes the stuff. It’s easy to write on and looks very similar to real parchment.

The next AoA scroll, done in November 2010.
Calligraphy and Illumination done by me, the illumination took me about 1.5 hours, and the calligraphy about the same time (writing it twice, first a test on normal paper and then the same on the perg). You can see in comparison to the other scrolls that the letters are more even, but my s still suck (as they sometimes still do).

This is a Lindquistring Scroll, written in Early Gothic Script by me. My first try at early gothic and therefore it isn’t too good. The illumination wasn’t done by me, but by another person from the Isengau Scriptorium.

These are not all scrolls I did, but all scrolls of which I have pictures (and I know/am sure that they reached their owner).

I know that the picture quality is not the best, the second picture is too bright and the last too are not bright enough, and in the last picture the perg is not that yellow as it seems, but I can’t get better pictures.