scribal stuff

I told you that I was bad at blogging 🙂

But I’m much better at calligraphy. I did several scrolls that I didn’t post here, and also did some scrolls all by myself (ok, I still need and get help with what to write as a text). I will post some pictures, just don’t know when.

I also did some scrolls that were not backlog and found out that the timeframe is still enough for me.

When I found out that illumination can be done as tracing from a (digitalized) manuscript and painting it out, I lost my fears about it being too hard and me not being able to draw good enough. Doing it that way, )’m quite good at illumination.
It help that my favorite calligraphy hand is still carolingian miniscule and that you can find lots of painted initials that fit the time of hte miniscule and that are easy to do in the method mentioned here.

At the moment I’m doing a scroll (just the calligraphy) where the illumination is rather late period, so I’m trying my hand at early gothic, because gothic litera bastarda is too hard for me to learn in one evening. I can handle the early gothic, having the “cheat sheet” with all letters next to me with just one evening of training.
It will look better on the scroll than the miniscule, even if it’s still too early.


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