Monthly Archives: August 2010

Viking garb finished

I finally got around to finishing the trousers for my husband’s viking garb and making photos of both.
As I explained in the “Viking garb part two” entry the lower leg part was too narrow and I substituted it with a drawstring casing at the end of the wide part of the trousers.

Here are the photos:

I am really pleased with the tunic, and it looks good on him.
The tunic is machine sewn, but the trims are sewn on by hand.

I’m not so pleased with the trousers. They are completely machine sewn and the cord in the casing (at the waist and the end of the legs) is some strange modern braid, but that’s rarely seen.
These are no problems to me, just info for you.
My problem with the trousers is that they are about 10 cm too long, but to alter that I would have to unsew 1,2 meters of waistband, cut off the uppermost 10 cm of the trousers and then fold the trousers so that they fit to the waistband again. The trousers are 3 meters wide, and it took me several tries and much time to get the folds right so that they are even along the waistband. I’ll have to see how the trousers look on my husband in this length before I decide if I do that last change or if they fit well enough already.