Monthly Archives: July 2010

Recap of the last weekend and a short outlook

This weekend I was at Academia della Danza and had much fun dancing, dancing in the heat of the day and also in the night when it’s dark and still warm. I danced some dances I already knew and learned a new dance and a variation of a dance I already knew.

But dancing wasn’t all I did.
I tried my hand at illumination and found out: once the sketch is done and is ready to be coloured, it’s great fun and easy for me to do. I hope that I can do much tracing instead of free hand sketching, then that won’t be so hard too.

I also made a simple bag for my feast gear out of light blue linen. The bag is currently lacking a flap to close it and a strap to carry it but it’s already useable and was used much this weekend. A bag is much more convenient than a basket I think, especially if it’s just the stuff for one person I need to carry in the bag.

I decided to make myself a hairnet to cover my head instead of a veil. In the Codex Manesse (one of my sources of inspiration) some women wear hairnets and I saw several women with hairnets this weekend and I think it looks good and there’s less things hanging or flowing around than with a veil. So I want a hairnet myself.

I decided to make my own needlebound socks because my medieval shoes are not totally comfortable without socks on. And I want to wear these shoes not only in warm summer.

I saw a nice woman with a sari dress which is just great for hot weather (it was 32°C yesterday morning around 10 am). Aelfwynn said she wants to make one for next summer and I will probably do one too for myself.