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Link list for the period sewing basket

Here’s the list of links I collected for a period sewing basket. I collected them here so that I don’t have to search through my mailbox but have them in one place.

period workbox

Eithni’s link that started it
Thread reel
needlecase made of leather, with instructions on how to do it

All links collected here are from various persons on the A&S 50 challenge mailing list.


Long term project: period sewing basket

When there was talk about period sewing baskets on the A&S 50 challenge mailing list, I decided that I want one too. This will be a long term project, whenever I find something suitable I will buy it.

Here‘s a helpful link that describes the contents of a period workbox.
And here is the link to the page that gave me the idea.

So here’s a list of what I already have:
– wooden round box to store the stuff (similar to this one)
– period looking pins (mine look similar to these, here‘s a even better picture)
– a needle (brass, bought at a medieval fair)
– linen thread in white, brown and grey (on modern threadwinders out of pastic or paper)
– beeswax to smooth the thread

What I still need:
– awl
– bodkin
– container for my pins and the needle
– maybe more thread (linen or other fabric?)
– spools to put the thread on (I only have the modern plastic spools that you can buy thread on) or alternatively threadwinders
– probably a thimble, even though I don’t like the ones out of metal or plastic, they are not flexible enough for me
– probably more needles, different sizes if I can get them

And I want to make a small sewing kit like this one, but I’m going to sew it myself instead of buying it from the shop I linked the picture from.

I got wooden thread spools (from my grandmother, so early 20th century) which I could use for transporting thread in better way than modern plastic spools. We will have to see if I’m going to re-wind the thread on the wooden spool if I’m taking my sewing stuff to an event.

Viking garb part two

I got the tunic finished in time to wear it at the party. It’s made of blue wool, with trims made from dark blue (nearly black) wool. The dark blue wool is rather scratchy, but it’s only on the outside so he didn’t object. The tunic fits him perfectly.

When I saw that the tunic fits him so well with the measurements form the magazine I was happy and grabbed another issue of the same magazine, featuring instructions how to do wide pants for vikings. I should have known that he has problems finding trousers that fit him really well, but I didn’t think about that and went on sewing without checking the measurements first. The fabric of the trousers is unbleached linen (the online shop I got it from calls the colour “natural”), it’s also sewn with the sewing machine.
When he wore the trousers the first time, I immediately got reminded of his problems with modern trousers. The upper part of the trousers (supposed to end just below the knee) ended at mid-calf,a nd the lower part (a narrow tube around the calfs) was too tight to get up all the way to the knee.
The quick and dirty solution was to shorten the narrow tube so that it’s only on the lower calf (where it wasn’t too narrow) and let him go that way. I think nobody noticed it anyway. 🙂

Later this spring I tried to fix the trousers the right way. I took the rest of the linen fabric and cut two new narrow tubes for his calfs. Even though he tried them on before I sew them on the fabric he still complained that the finished trousers are a bit too tight to be comfortable.
I gave up on the lower leg parts after that. I don’t have enough fabric to try wider tubes and the instructions say that you can also make knee-length trousers with the same pattern, just sew a tunnel at the end of the wide trousers instead of narrow tubes that should fit around the calfs. If I remember right, the knee length trousers are better documented than the full length trousers.
When I find time (and motivation) I will alter his trousers so that they are knee-length and he can close them with a cord below the knee.

I didn’t do photos of his garb or even him in garb, but I will post photos once the trousers are finished.