Blue sideless surcot

Last fall the my shire held a sewing competition, one piece of garb was to be made until the end of the year and to be shown on the first shire meeting in 2010. I made a blue sideless surcot, because I think I’m in need for more (and maybe better) clothing.

My entry was a sideless surcot, made from blue wool fabric (with 3% synthethics in the fabric, but I wasn’t able to get a pure wool that quick and it would have been more expensive) and yellow silk fabric (at least I think it’s silk, I got it as a present (scrap fabric) from a friend).
I chose this picture as a period example which I was trying to reproduce. I found the picture in IMAREAL’s image database, a huge source of pictures from Austria and surrounding countries. The picture dates to 1330/1340, which is about 50 years later than my period, (but I like the dress so much 😉 ) and was painted in Vienna, Austria, also close to my persona.

The pattern was the same pattern I used for my existing garb (I did a surcot before, just with smaller armholes).
All seams were done by hand, the wool was sewn with cotton thread, the silk was sewn on with silk thread.

Here are two photos of the finished surcot lying on our couch:
the full thing. Note that the hem hangs over the couch, and this couch is about a meter deep.
and a close-up of the upper body part down to a bit below my hips.
The pictures are just linked because they are rather big. But this way you can see more details.

And here’s a photo of me wearing the dress. I cut off my head because it didn’t look good. I’m wearing a modern brown knitted pullover under the surcot.

And now the fun part: I won the competition. 🙂

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