Monthly Archives: January 2010

Starting Calligraphy

Late October last year, the lovely Aryanhwy visited Aelfwynn, and they used the opportunity to hold a beginner’s class/workshop on calligraphy. I was interested in calligraphy before, and this was the explanation I needed to start doing it and not only admiring it.
Aryanhwy explained the different hands, when they were written and also told us a bit about illumination and how to compose a scroll (or any other document).
Ater half a day of learning and practice she asked me if I wanted to practice on an actual scroll text, which I wanted. So I did my first scroll and according to her and to AElfwynn it was well done. That helped me falling in love with calligraphy. 🙂
Here’s a a photo of my first scroll (the painted inital is missing because I can’t do that (yet)):

What I also learned on that day is: errors are authentic, and correcting them so that everyone will see the correction is so too. (but it’s not my usual way of thinking).