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Challenge Overview

I decided to do the breadth challenge, as there are so many things that I wanted to try.

My challenge is in two parts, the first part is dedicated to learning new stuff, the second part is improving my garb (and making garb for my family).

1 learn tablet weaving (first project finished, will need more to really understand it),
2 learn spinning, (started)
3-5 learn calligraphyand illumination, so that I can make a scroll, (I need help finding a source for the illumination and I need help getting the text right, but I can do the rest.)
6 make some viking garb for my husband
7 make period shoes,
8 make period arrows,
9 learn to play period music,
10+11 period embroidery (both on a sampler and on my garb),
12+13 cook a period recipe (redacted / from original text),
14 learn naalbinding, (started)
15 make a heraldic display,
16 make cutlery from wood,
17 make a wooden chest for my stuff,
18 learn dyeing,
19 make pigments,
20 make myself a better headdress,
21 learn to read middle high german,
22 submit something to an A&S competition,
23 make a period bag, (did two bags freehand, three after pictures, let’s see how many more I need or will do.)
24 make a belt for my garb,
25 do a performance dance,
26 make a period game,
27 make a period die (or even dice),
28 research toys,
29 learn candle making,
30 make a bowstring,
31 learn bookbinding,
32 learn paper making,
33 make my own naalbinding needle (out of bone), (did some wooden ones)
34 learn lucet,
35 make a period condiment,
36 period cooking at a campfire,
37 make a period chair,
39 learn how to start a fire the period way,
40 make a piece of garb from a picture, see the entry “blue sideless surcot”, more garb will come
41 learn felting,
42 learn macrame,
43 learn sprang,
44 make a pilgrims bag (above is already an entry called “make a bag”)
45 learn netting,
46 research on medieval non-alcoholic beverages,
47 make an apron,
48 make childrens garb when necessary, (will be done next spring probably)
49 make a baby sling, (my daughter is already too old for that)
50 try pewter casting,
51 make mead
52 do something for the kingdom (probably some sewing project)

Yes, there are more than 50 different items on my challenge list. I’ll pick whatever I want whenever I have time and hope that I find time for 50 projects by AS 50.
Green items are what I have started/done, annotations are in italics. Grey is what I can’t or don’t want to do, with explanation in italics.


The beginning

I decided to start a blog on my A&S 50 challenge, as a place to show what I have done and a place to store notes/links/pictures I find that are of interest to me for the challenge.
There will probably be other SCA stuff as well, but we’ll have to see about that.

I’ll post what I have as a challenge in a seperate post.

Let’s hope I will use this blog more than my last attempt at blogging, which died someday and never was really alive.